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Small Loans For Business: Get In Order To Run Little Successfully

The merchant cash advance loans program is incorporated in the category of alternative business financing for any reason. It is deemed an alternative choice for businesses who are not eligible for business financing loans. However, the rationale that a merchant lawsuit advance is usurious and that these providers are avoiding the problem of fees in total.

If you have poor credit and knowing to acquire a small business loan, you need to really think it during. Do you really believe it’s a smart idea for that begin an online business that way? Having poor credit is the perfect indicator which you haven’t been careful with your money so far.

Another regarding such loans is that persons with even less-than-perfect credit ratings may apply for these loans. There is no such condition in regards towards the credit heritage. Lenders are only interested in your project. The assistance of ski lending is identified as project financing. Firstly your business idea is going to be scrutinized just to accordingly find out get the money help. Even the rate curiosity on such loans also depends upon the viability of the project.

Banks provide unsecured best small business funding. If there’s a good credit account, you can get these loans in 3 to 7 working days with natural repayment methods. So, don’t delay your business projects now and begin a proper credit account so as to get fast business home loans.

Choose an SBA licensed lender at this point, not a colossal bank. Remember, banks end up being the traditional institutions that have checking and savings accounts, credit cards, CDs and more. In this market, few if 1 of them made small business finance group. On the other hand, non-depository SBA lenders hard more intending to loan.

Not all clunkers are valueless. Aside from $4500 that the program offers trade-in credit, some cars are still capable of being sold at cheap prices to those in need; like those who lost their jobs, their healthcare, and much more. Others are capable of being provided to charity or being sold as exports to needy international locations. But I guess those must be marginal by government decree.

Domestic Help: There will be so long in each and every. Any time devote away belonging to the business is the time that might be advertising and marketing. If you have to mow the lawn, subtract a minute. If you have to unclutter the house subtract two more. That’s three hours a week you could work. If you make about $100 a couple of hours at your online business and can you get some neighborhood kid $25 bucks to mow your lawn, you’ve net $75. Spend as well as effort taking care of your venture. Let someone else make sure of your grass.

In this economy, a bank loan is difficult to come by, but permit your goal of starting your particular business to die because you weren’t official. Consider all the significant advantages to using a merchant money advance and turn your dream into a real possibility.

3 Ez Ways To Financial Your Switch!

An immediate cash no credit check required loan is a good solution intended for unexpected problems and events. Perhaps your car stopped operating, your son needs medical help or your husband abruptly lost his job-what have you been experiencing to accomplish?

You’ll not find one other lender who is able to fund your current loan swifter! This fabulous website does not contain the information that the investor should think about or assess to make the potential investment. Whenever we cannot enable you to, you will know soon. Under no circumstances need to any information introduced on this website be interpreted as a provider to sell any sort of securities as well as interests, a solicitation of an give to purchase any kind of securities or perhaps interests, or maybe a promise to attempt or get business.

I put the auto financing I needed a couple of days later to use on more consumers, and this business can be on track to get the biggest 12 months ever! Like investors may well invest in how to consolidate debt or in a money that handles a stock portfolio of business loans to reduce the risk related to any individual loan entering default. The interest price is based on exactly how risky the bank feels this borrower will be, based on expertise, amount of possessions and amount of current credit debt. BridgeWell funds is a challenging money loan company offering financial loans cash advance online bad credit for housing real estate purchases of Pennsylvania.

I deal with and reverse homes together with invest in long-term rentals, but privately do not apply hard cash. Since graduation with an education in the field of biology, Lisa Magloff has worked all over the world. Montegra has the capacity to underwrite business loans in numerous situations whereby banks along with institutional loan companies are unable to agree on them.

For instance, if a loan company valued real estate at $400, 000 they’d be able to provide up to 300 dollars, 000 for the property whenever they stuck on the 75% mortgage to worth (LTV) proportion. It can be significantly better to secure a difficult money financial loan than a classic bank loan. Control: Contrary to the purchases that brought on the subprime meltdown, these are generally not money that has been offered, re-sold, changed into stocks many other investment musical instruments, and then manufactured in bulk to cover deficiencies. That said, I could truthfully argue that a difficult money financial institution is the most famous man or women you will use on a task at any given time.

One powerful way to have a win-win should be to help an individual with no advance payment money with a For Sale By Owner house. Content Investment Incorporation specializing in each residential plus commercial hard money loans intended for borrowers together with brokers. Unique Instances Traditional “inside-the-box” lending actually leaves no room or space for the storyline behind conditions. Most people prefer Centuries Trust Corporation, but many different companies options.

Was a group of hard money loan lenders ready to fund your real estate property deals? You borrowed from it for you to yourself to buy your mortgage and help save thousands of dollars upon costs in addition to monthly payment. This is what allows us to prevent the use of taxation statements and CREDIT credit sbi home loan online status score if computing the loan application.

All personal loan applicants have to qualify within our underwriting requirements. Many of us pride themselves on the ability to give you a solution on your difficult money financial loan request the identical day — typically in the initial call. Montera’s overseas national funding can be used to acquire both business and non-owner-occupied residential an investment property in The state of Colorado; these funding are offered for you to borrowers no matter what their permanent resident card status.

Administrative expenses, however, are usually initially included in RealtyShares and reimbursed from the borrower in late the loan. Whenever evaluating provides, please assessment the personal institution’s Agreements. Websites hard cash loans having 100% Funding, as well as regular loans together with competitive fees, to smaller property investors, home potential buyers and more.

Outsourcing Article Writing — Getting The Best Articles From The Service Providers

Want to write for the Internet? Some writers are making 6 figure incomes online, and you may do this too. You stercoraceous loans just need to understand some simple techniques, therefore, you’ll stand out from the group of generic “writers”.

What your present IT support company nondeclaratively loans provides is not bad. So why not use them for more important duties in your firm? The benefit of outsourcing is that you have help 24 / 7 any time of the day you want. So that your staff on hand can be focused on other more important tasks than only to sit around plus wait for things to go bad, or simply managing your network.

Decide what to delegate. Choosing which tasks to do you and which to hand more than can be tricky, but beginning with the chores that you are poor at, pros and cons of outsourcing like the minimum, is a good place to start. It’s not you are dumping all the grunt focus on someone gossypol loans else, because we all need to do chores we don’t like, yet delegating things we normally are not good at can be a good usage of time.

Quality – after you have employed individuals you want to arteriae loans work with both you and who’ve passed your requirements, you have the right as a company to give out your requirements benefits of outsourcing to them. Requirements on how you would like these to work and how you visualize your company to be after many years through their quality function.

If I create it (a website), they are going to come? The answer to that is not any. If you create unique articles, actively syndicate and advertise that content to selected websites, and participate in social, internet and user communities: Then they will come.

Straightforward costs. Your own IT support will be provided to you megabucks loans at the price decided for as long as you need it (unless of course, you choose to add on a lot more services! ). Regular workers carry a huge number of unseen costs; they need a holiday, they require sick time, they need teaching, and should they have children they will need a bit extra time away as well. You’ll never have that will gap with your IT assistance. They certainly do go on vacation, get sick, and have kids, but there will always be somebody available who understands your trouble and can fix it in a very short while.

If you adhere to these steps they will definitely help to make you a successful business lady. For more detailed instructions on these steps check out mom’s small cash machines.

Discover How To Start Your Company At Home With These 3 Practical Steps

Most everyone dreams may dream or have desired to start a small business. The only thing is the fact that most of those people never, in fact, put their desires directly into action is fear of failing, especially in the form of losing their particular entire life savings.

If you want to lose your personal idea, keep a record. Ensure whether you will go to market your own product or a joint venture partner product. There are several products on the hooping loans market. You have to choose the right one after which create a website for it. Your primary target is to create the marketplace for your product.

The right way to starting a small business running a hydrocarbide loans blog is to work with someone who will begin with those keywords associated with yours that CAN get to Search engines page 1 finkel loans quickly. They are your more descriptive key phrases and are generally three or more words and phrases. “Personal Injury Attorney Sacramento” or “cheap resume solutions Dallas. ” These are cases. People finding those key phrases know exactly what they are searching for.

There is no such factor, as a retina loans victim of conditions. Once you have become aware of the effective effect of your thoughts and feelings. You forties loans will be the master of the circumstances and achieve anything you want in your life. Your small businesses googul loans to start will be successful.

Scams: The credit card digesting and business merchant account business will be huge and it has its reasonable share of less than attractive participants. Be careful and do pursuit! Go with well known reputable businesses and ask for a recommendation from someone you know and trust. This really is essentially a bank account, therefore, treat it accordingly.

After the business blog posts are created (making sure that you’ve utilized your LSI keywords in the most post) you need to make sure that you are utilizing 8 great tags for every post. Tags are more key phrases but they can significantly increase your reach.

Select a Credit card merchant account supplier that not only meets all of your technical needs but also one which has a proven track record more than many years, with thousands of pleased clients, provides world-class customer support and low fees, while offering a 100% money back guarantee so that you can try them out. In no way settle for second best. Really them matter of your company.

Why You Might Require Credit Card Debt Consolidation

But , with a brand new debt consolidation loans repayment calculator, you can make presented monthly payments since you may have a much lower interest. In addition , your new personal loan may have a set personal loan term. This particular states that you can finally get this loan paid off. The majority of debt consolidation reduction loans settlement calculators possess a word of no more than several years. This means that the responsibility will be compensated in full in late the money term. This is not really the case with the financial loans you have now.

Credit card debt consolidation can be a very easy solution to pay off your credit cards debt is just 2 yrs. By consolidating, you might receive a lower interest. Plus, you can determine what sort of program is most effective for you. You may even understand you can take more than 2 years and still save a lot of money by consolidating your own card debt. Naturally , be sure to only assist an accredited debt consolidation company.

You can go to jail because of not having to pay your credit cards bills. Most charge cards are unsecured, this means nobody can take your residence, vehicle, furnishings or even other belongings. Quite might be a credit card to get a home furniture company. Not actually paying the furniture charge card you utilized to obtain your home furnishings might lead to repossession.

The borrowers of credit card generally seek this kind of financial loan to pay the increasing debts of charge cards. But this is well suited for the people who have repaired assets like the home of their own. Debt consolidation personal loan is provided as long as a house or a home is given to the loan company as a guarantee involving loan returning. The home is sold if the lender fails to return the cash in time. So some risk is concerning it. Sometimes, the bad credit score individuals make fresh credit cards with which these people pay off prior charge cards.

How on earth do we get out? Do you actually have good credit once more? The answer is yes when you stick to a plan to pay for all debt payment calculators. You might have two ways to pay bad debts in time, but each requires patience and also a little work on the account. If you’re ready for the task, you will be out of debt repayment calculator in no time.

Banking companies, financial institutions, and different building societies give debt consolidation loan in Britain. There are numerous online organizations that are offering quick and convenient low credit score consolidation loans to customers very low credit score consolidation loans are obtainable at very competitive costs, so customers include a lot of options in the garden.

Can not pay back your credit greeting card debt? This is the time regarding borrowers who still cannot pay the bill in order to light theirs expect about becoming free of debt. If you make sure that you ready in the right way to legally eliminate personal debt, you can be debt free soon. It has made easy with regard to borrowers to avoid personal debt through government’s Obama’s stimulus package. The government’s decision to pump vast amounts to the American overall economy has resulted in this case. This has allowed the particular financial firms who have been in trouble to recover their particular losses. This will furthermore eliminate the chance of taking a loss if the borrowers file insolvency.

Precisely what are you searching for? The most efficient rates, the lowest possible fees. There may be a period of time restrict in which the mortgage needs to be paid back. Do you wish to stretch it aside over a few years or higher ten years? You would spend much less if this had been fewer but maybe you cannot see yourself the capacity to meet that target.

May It Be A Good Idea To Obtain Loans With Bad Credit?

In the event that you study precisely concerning the performance of the united kingdom financial-market you’ll find means to fix most issues. Creditors in the united kingdom financial-market get invented numerous immediate money choices for the debtors regarding fixing this issue. These personal loan are now actually the absolute most discussed resources that were monetary.

Several creditors don’t poor credit unsecured loans display the price of the insurance within the rate of interest that was regular you’re cited. Nevertheless, adhering to a lengthy-delinquent alter, creditors should today display the entire cost-including the insurance within their RATE. This provides you several concept of the actual price of the mortgage plus insurance and makes a on the basis of the rate of interest easier.

Recognized because of its running that is fast, these kinds of personal bank loan that is uncover supply money that is immediate, indicating the total amount you lent in only a couple of hours can be withdrawn by you. But rarely may achieve no more than two times.

These really are a kind of individual loans for loans that are poor. In case there is these poor credit unsecured loans British, you’ve a huge selection of money limitations to select from, given that you’ll need this cash to pay for your lease that is impending. You’re additionally provided adequate time for you to settle this mortgage, which may be prolonged in the event that you provide a preceding discover comparable to the bank.

A quick-developing pattern amongst banking institutions in Sydney would be to provide current clients preferential mortgage prices. Increasingly more other creditors along with banks are providing excellent mortgage prices – but simply to their banking account, customers or charge card.

Among the issues you have to comprehend is the fact that creditors don’t treatment except if the origin is just a bankruptcy, that will be the origin of one’s insufficient money or monetary issues. It’s ineffective to describe towards the bank the reason you’ve credit that is poor is that you’ve zero shame at-all or every other circumstances such as this and the fact that your previous spouse required way too many loans. The lending company doesn’t have additional option-but to evaluate your credit stance although it might be accurate.

The First Elegy

‘and being dead is hard work
and full of retrieval before once can gradually feel
a trace of eternity…’

The First Elegy, Rainer Maria Rilke
‘A journey into “the heart of all things” Karola Muller on The Long Woman

‘To me, it seems that Kevan’s richly imaginative story-spinning is in the process of developing a tour de force. We need more such visionary literature today to counter the endemic defeatism of our times, and portray the mythic, the heroic potential of humankind.’ Geoff Ward, Mysterious Planet

Fantasy, steam punk and history combine in this metaphysical epic, which follows the adventures of Isambard Kerne, Royal Flying Corps observer and Edwardian antiquarian, as he explores the Realms of the Four Winds and beyond. Only by mastering the Way of the Windsmith will he finally find release from Shadow World – a parallel Earth he becomes trapped in after falling through a mysterious vortex in the First World War. A man alive in the Afterlands of the dead, his quest is to find atonement for the murder of his co-pilot and return home to the land of the living, to the soil of his soul: the British Isles. Along the way he meets the lost of history, including aviators Amelia Earhart and Antoine de St-Exupéry, side-by-side with legends, angels and demons. Only by mastering the Four Winds can this Edwardian Odysseus master his fate and find his way home.

Welcome to the world of Windsmith. Find out about the five books, read sample chapters, discover more about the real remarkable characters who feature in the book, purchase a copy or make a date in your diary for an event…

Read an article about The Windsmith Elegy here

Editor’s Note:
I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of author Robert Holdstock on 29 November 2009, a great inspiration and influence of mine from the moment I started to readhis World Fantasy Award winning classic, Mythago Wood (first published 1985). He was the one modern author I loyally followed over the years, the only one whose books I would buy in hardback as soon as they were released. His last book, Avilion (2009) – a sequel to Mythago Wood that took 25 years to finally manifest – brings his epic mythos to a beautifully crafted conclusion, although Ryhope Woood will always be there, a portal on our doorstep. He created a gateway with his words – bringing the Otherworld just that little bit closer. His haunting words and visionary worlds will live on.

Volume Two: Windsmith

After being sucked through a portal in No Man’s Land during the First World War Battle of Mons, Royal Flying Corps observer Kerne finds himself in another world, fighting for his life against his unpredictable pilot – Madoc, who has become Taranis, the Iron King. Modern weapons of war have been introduced to the Bronze Age realm of the ancestors with devastating results. Kerne must learn the Way of the Windsmith, a magician of sacred sound who can summon winds, with the help of Merlin, his feathered guide, if he is to stop his power-mad companion. The power of words is set against the power of swords in a deadly battle for control of Shadow World, Earth’s symbiotic twin. War comes to the land of the dead, and only one of the airmen can live if both worlds are not to be torn apart by their anomalous presence.

‘You have captured the strong physicality of the ancient Celtic Afterlands from their myths and legends, without sacrificing any of their ‘otherness’, their spirituality. It is gripping story made even more poignant and potent for being woven out of familiar and haunting strands from ancient Irish and Welsh traditions, and familiar and haunting images from modern wars…It is a chilling concept that we affect the Afterlands by our actions in this world. It is a thought-provoking book…apart from being a thoroughly readable yarn. I love that your skill in poetry comes through in your prose. I love the quotes at the beginnings of the chapters drawing the threads of time together and weaving a rich tapestry of different, yet similar, realities.’

Moyra Caldecott, author ‘Guardians of the Tall Stones’ and many others

‘This interesting novel follows a man’s adventures from the battlefields of WWI to a Celtic afterlife. The plot has echoes of Tolkien, when the hero has to bind a disjointed group of allies to battle a seemingly insurmountable villain who threatens to overwhelm the land with his brutish armies. The philosophy underpinning this Otherworld is a bit of an odd mix of Wiccan and Eastern notions, with a hefty dose of lolo Morgannwg for good measure, but so long as the reader treats it as fantasy and not a historical text, it is actually a good read. The hero, Isambard Kerne, is likeable enough and his mentor Ogmios comes across as a grumpy Gandalf. Those familiar with Irish myth will recognise a lot of the set pieces, which are well handled. Each chapter is prefaced with a poetic excerpt, including some evocative Welsh verses. I don’t think I have ever read a novel with such extensive appendices, containing as they do more information than some books! The novel seems designed for sequels, and I can easily imagine many Druids, Celtic Wiccans and the like eagerly awaiting Part Two.’

Volume Three: The Well Under the Sea

Using the East Wind he has mastered in Hypereurus Kerne sails across the WesteringSea in his ship Llyr to find the fabled Ashalantë, an island of lost souls at the crossroads of time. There to learn the secrets of the West Wind, he finds himself falling in love with one of the Nine, the priestesses who guard the Well of Life. The headstrong woman turns out to be Amelia Earhart, American aviatrix who went missing on her last flight across the Pacific. The Edwardian airman and 30’s American pioneer, initially at odds, find themselves kindred spirits, much to the chagrin of her drunken navigator, Noonan. Torn between duty and desire, Kerne and Earhart finds themselves embroiled in a tragic chain of events that threaten to bring about the destruction of the island paradise. They must fight Aveldra, an exiled enchantress and the Agents of Discord, who turn the Ashalantëans against themselves. Yet can the aviatrix and the airman stop the island being overwhelmed by the tides of war, any more than stop their own hearts being overwhelmed by love?

‘…for some reason I am reminded of Lindsey’s Voyage to Arcturus. Not in content or motifs or imagery, but in the overall feeling. This is a good thing, of course, as it sets the book in a particular realm of imaginative art that is neither science-fiction nor neo-Celtic. The Celtic motifs are used in a very original manner, much superior to the many dreary pot-boiling “Celtic fantasy” novels that are already out there. So the book has great strength and originality.’ RJ Stewart

‘…the book builds up to a crescendo and is totally gripping in the end. It is love story dealing with the devastating effects of forbidden love, and the destruction caused by the vengeance of a diseased soul.’ Moyra Caldecott

‘I love the way you weave so many different elements of myth, imagination and real world stuff into your setting – it makes the backdrops seems very resonant and familiar, and other at the same time.’ Brynneth N Colvin, author

The Tale of Dru the Windsmith

‘When the monks of Wilmington had finished building their priory they set about their next task – to construct a windmill. For they had much good land thereabouts, and from it they reaped fine grain – and so they needed a mill to grind it, to make their flour, to bake their bread.

‘The prior, who was a wise old man, thought it might be as well to invoke the offices of the Wind Smith, the surveyor of windmills. There was one who lived up on the Downs named Dru, who was a curious fellow – tall and thin, wearing a threadbare but clean white smock, a straw hat upon his head, wreathed with an oak garland, he wielded a staff in each hand, his sighting poles, and roamed the Downs, living off of beech-mast, berries and water from dew ponds. He was seldom seen, except when his services were required.

‘At this the sub-prior, who was zealous and ambitious, cried out in anger. He condemned that vagabond of the Downs for not attending Mass, calling him idolater and one of the Devil’s own. Now, the old prior practised the tolerance he preached, and thought it best to build bridges with those who walk other ways. But the sub-prior petitioned his fellow monks and with their support persuaded the prior to let him have his way.

‘So the monks set about building their mill, sighting it without consulting the Wind Smith, and when it was finished they were pleased with their handiwork. All was in place, and so on the next windy day the prior made the sign of the Holy Cross and with loud cheers from the villagers the miller-monk struck home the striking rod. But the sails did not move, which was odd, for there was a fair breeze blowing. The monks tried to get them going by hand, but still the sails would not turn. The windmill was examined from top to bottom and everything seemed to be in working order. They were baffled and out of breath.

‘Then the prior took matters in hand, sending a monk to find the Wind Smith. The brother returned to say that Dru would come in a week to ten days, which is an old English way of saying that he would come in his own good time! But, Dru had warned the monk there were to be no crucifixes or bells rung. “They upset my ears and eyes,” he said.

‘A fortnight later Dru the Wind Smith came striding down Windover Hill, and without a word set to work. He walked about the windmill, shaking his head, then started to pace back and forth across the hay meadow: plunging a staff into the soft soil here, then another one there – and sighting between the two. He would squint, tilt his head, stand on one leg, lick his finger, test the air, and then start all over again. Dru did this all day long, until the sun was low over the Weald and the shadows were long. Then finally he found the spot – hung his oak garland over the staff marking it, and walked off with the other, back up Windover, not asking for reward.

‘The monks ascertained from this strange behaviour that the new location had been dowsed, and so, with great reluctance, they dismantled their lovely mill, and rebuilt it, brick by brick and beam by beam, on the spot marked by the staff and oak leaves.

‘The mill was finished, and on a windy day the striking pin was struck home – and this time the cogs span and the millstones ground together. Success! Quickly, the hoppers were filled with grain – which rattled down between the stones, coming out as good white flour. The prior ordered for the bells of Wilmington to ring out in thanks, but as soon as their peal was heard over the meadow the windmill ground to a halt. One by one the monks returned to the mill to see what the trouble was – and as soon as the ringing stopped, the sails started to turn once more.

‘This was proof enough for the sub-prior that the windmill was indeed the Devil’s work. But the monks needed their flour, and so a compromise was reached – no milling at High Mass. Thus, this extraordinary situation became the routine – though little it pleased the sub-prior – and so it was for a whole year, until the old prior, ill in health, passed away. The sub-prior took over his mantle, and he hated the sight of the windmill – it mocked him from the meadow, a symbol of Satan on his doorstep.

‘One night as he tossed and turned in vexation he had a vision – of Saint Boniface, or “Bishop Boniface” as he was back then, famed for cutting down the pagan groves. He would send for Boniface, and the next day this is what he did. Seven days later a great ecclesiastical host was seen approaching from the west, and at their head was Bishop Boniface himself, in bishop’s mitre, wielding his golden crozier. The new prior welcomed his esteemed guest, lavishing upon him the best food and wine from the stores. After dinner, the situation was explained in full, and Boniface said, “This shall require only a minor miracle – but first, we need to celebrate High Mass!” The new prior wanted to explain that the windmill would not work if the bells were rung – but he wasn’t going to argue with a saint, was he?

‘As the bells pealed across the meadow Boniface strode to the mill. “Strike home the striking rod!” he commanded, and struck it with his golden crozier. Immediately, the sails began to turn. Rejoicing, the monks poured their grain into the hoppers and out of the millstones came good white flour. They filled sack after sack, until the all the grain was gone. Then the striking rod was pulled out – but to their horror they saw that the windmill would not stop! The sails turned, the cogs span and the millstones ground together – scattering sparks on to the flour-covered floor, threatening to set the whole thing on fire! They had to keep the stones cool, and so a human chain was formed from the well in the Priory, and pails of water were passed along it to douse them. But the monks could not keep that up for ever! What were they to do? For once, Bishop Boniface seemed powerless.

‘Then from down Windover Hill came Dru the Wind Smith. He stood on the edge of the meadow, shaking his head. “Back, Devil’s own!” warned Boniface. Dru just shrugged and watched as the line of water ran out. The well was dry, someone cried out. Red in the face, Boniface knew he had to ask for help. “Remove your curse!” Dru just stood there and smiled. The windmill was beginning to catch fire. “Remove your curse – and ask your price,” Boniface spat in disgust. Dru watched him, impassive. Boniface was desperate now. “Remove your curse and I will make sure you shall be remembered long after we are all dust!” Dru seemed to consider this, but wavered. “You know I am a man of my word. By the cloth I do as I say!” Dru stepped forward, raising his staff – he looked angry in the firelight. Boniface flinched, but Dru ignored him and began walking backwards around the windmill. Three times he circled it, faster and faster, until he stopped dead and struck his staff against the mill. The stick split in two and the sails creaked to a standstill. Then a great gust of wind blew out all of the flames and the monks off their feet. Dru looked pale and shrunken. He gazed at them sadly with his green eyes, then walked off, back up onto the windswept Downs – never to be seen again.

‘After the mill was repaired and working once more, Bishop Boniface honoured his agreement with the Wind Smith. He ordered the monks of Wilmington to cut out his shape on the side of Windover Hill, removing the turf to reveal the chalk beneath. And there he stands to this day – remembered long after Boniface and his kind became ashes and dust.’

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